Vehicle and Truck Weight Restrictions on Village Roadways

On April 28, the Village Board approved an Ordinance to amend the Vehicle and Truck Weight restrictions on roadways within the Village. Village roadways may have 12,000 pound or 26,000 pound restrictions, or they may be undesignated and therefore not subject to weight restrictions. Certain vehicles are exempt from vehicle weight restrictions, these include vehicles operating through a designated detour route, vehicles making local deliveries, emergency vehicles, government owned vehicles, public utility vehicles, school buses, garbage trucks, farm vehicles and implements of husbandry, as well as vehicles issued an overweight permit by the Village’s Police Chief or designee. The Village will be posting signage at entryways to subdivisions regarding the restrictions.
Thank you for adhering to the modifications and for keeping our roadways safe and efficient for pedestrians and motorists.

The complete Ordinance Amending Gross Vehicle Weight Rating Restrictions for Traffic on Certain Huntley Roadways (0)2022-04.21 may be viewed here.

A map showing the restrictions is available here.