Village Manager's Office

The Village of Huntley operates under the Council-Manager form of government. The Village Manager serves as the chief executive of the Village and provides the benefits of training and experience in managing a local government’s staff, its projects, and its programs.  The Village Manager's role is similar to that of a chief executive in a multi-department service organization.

Council - Manager Recognition
International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Acknowledgment by the membership and the ICMA Executive Board that the Village of Huntley has established a position of professional management for its appointed executive which is recognized for its achievements.

Department Leadership
Village Manager
David J. Johnson

Phone:  847-515-5244 
Email David Johnson

Deputy Village Manager
Lisa Armour

Phone: 847-515-5254 
Email Lisa Armour

Department Contact Information
Village Clerk's Office: 847-515-5261
Special Events: 847-515-5262
Human Resources and Organizational Compliance: 847-515-5231
Information Technology: 847-515-5238

Fax: 847-515-5206

Hours of Operation:  Weekdays 8am to 5pm
The Village Manager’s Office makes recommendations to the Village Board, implements the Board’s decisions, prepares the Village Board agendas, develops and recommends the proposed Village budget, oversees internal communications between departments as well as Village communications with the public through instruments such as the newsletter, the Village website, press releases and the annual calendar, and coordinates special events  such as the annual Independence and Memorial Day Celebrations and Farmers Market.  

The Village Manager's Office is comprised of four divisions:

Human Resources and Organizational Compliance
Special Events
Information Technology
Village Clerk's Office

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Village Manager's Office

Village of Huntley Municipal Complex
10987 Main Street, Huntley, IL 60142

Open Weekdays | 8am to 5pm

Village Clerk's Office: 847-515-5261
Special Events: 847-515-5262
Human Resources: 847-515-5231
Information Technology: 847-515-5238

Fax: 847-515-5206