Applications, Permits & Forms

Block Party Application
Block Party Rules
Block Party Petition
FOIA Request Form
Gazebo Rental Form
Mailbox Instructions
Over Night Parking Application
Raffle License Application
Smoke Free Illinois - Complaint Form
Solicitation License Application
Sound Amplification Permit
Utility Billing Auto Debit Form
Vacation House Watch Application

Food Truck Regulations
Food Truck Operator Permit Application 2021
Food Truck Event Registration 


Building & Code Enforcement
Building Permit Application - Residential
Building Permit Application - Commercial/Non-Residential
Building Permit Application - New Business Occupancy-Only
Building Permit Fee Ordinance
Business Registration Application / Renewal Form  
Commercial Building Permit Guide
Contractor Registration Application Form
Demolition Application and Checklist
Handout - All Surfaces (Patios, Stoops, Service Walks and Pavers)
Handout - Basement Remodel
Handout - Decks
Handout-Drainage Improvements
Handout - Fences
Handout - Lawn Irrigation
Handout - Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces
Handout - Pergola & Gazebos 
Handout - Roofing  
Handout - Sewer Repair / Clean Out 
Handout - Sheds 
Handout - Solar Panel Installation
Handout - Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs  
Handout - Water Heater
Handout - Whole House Remodel
Home Improvement Guide
Lawn Irrigation Application Packet
Lawn Irrigation Permit Waiver
Private Improvement Release Waiver
Sign Permit Application
Sub-Contractors List- Application Form

Planning and Zoning
Huntley Zoning Ordinance
Development Guide & Application
Simplified Residential Zoning Variation Application
2021 Zoning Map
Commercial Design Guidelines

Public Works and Engineering Department
Sidewalk Repair Rebate Form
Sidewalk Replacement Program Specifications