Illinois State Statutes define the overall structure of cities and villages within the state and details the legislative structure at the local government level. The Village of Huntley is a home rule municipality governed by a Village President (Mayor) and a board of six trustees, which makes up the Village Board of Trustees. The Village Board of Trustees functions as the legislative branch of the Village government. In accordance with state law the Board of Trustees establishes the policy and legislative direction of the Village, adopts all ordinances and resolutions, and maintains the authority of final determination on land use matters.
The Board of Trustees is the elected representatives of the citizens of Huntley.

Organizational Chart

The Village Board meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.  In addition, the Board of Trustees acts as the Village’s Liquor Commission.

The Village President and Board of Trustees are elected at-large to four-year, staggered terms. The Village employs a full-time Village Manager who manages and is responsible for the daily operations of the Village.