Human Resources, in conjunction with the Huntley Board of Police Commissioners, is responsible for establishing the Police Officer Eligibility List, and hiring of all police officers, upon the Village's authorization to fill an open position.  

Every two years, an eligibility list is compiled of candidates for the position of Patrol Officer. This process includes a written application, physical testing, written exam, and oral interviews. The resulting Police Officer Eligibility List is posted and is in effect for a period of two years.   Patrol officers may only be hired from the names appearing on the Eligibility List.

The current eligibility list was certified on December 7, 2020 and will be effective for two years, or until the list is exhausted.

Police officer eligibility list

Lateral transfer police officer positions

Applications are no longer being accepted for lateral transfer.  Lateral applicants who have met all hiring prerequisites, and successfully completed the pre-screening review and oral examination will be placed upon a "Final Eligibility Register for Lateral Entry" based upon their scores on the pre-screening review and oral examination. 

The Village of Huntley's reputation as one of the best communities in the Chicagoland area is highly dependent on our police officers. The Village of Huntley is a growing community in an ideal location, making it a great place to live and a great place to work!