Huntley Meadows Street Improvement Program

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MAP  - Click on the   icon within map for further project details.

As part of the 2018 Budget, the Village Board of Trustees approved the 2018 Street Improvement Program which includes improvements made to the following streets in the Huntley Meadows subdivision:
Preston Parkway
Madison Way
Fairbluff Avenue
Evendale Road
Main Street (Haligus to Central Park Blvd)
Braemar Parkway
Dawson Street
Casselberry South
Casselberry North
Auburn Court

The project will include grind and hot mix asphalt overlay on the identified streets as well as spot repairs to the sidewalk, curb and gutter in areas as needed.

Please contact Tim Farrell, Director of Public Works and Engineering at  847-515-5285 or email or if Tim is not available, please contact Greg Sanders, Construction Engineer, Christopher B. Burke, Ltd at (847) 417-0059 or should you need additional information.

Update June 20th:

Curb & Gutter and sidewalk replacement will occur on:

 Braemar Pkwy

    • Along east side between Evendale and Algonquin Rd
  • Castleberry North
    • Along south side between Preston Pkwy and Braemar Pkwy
  • Castleberry South
    • Along north side between Preston Pkwy and Braemar Pkwy
  • Dawson St
    • Along north side between Braemar Pkwy and Preston Pkwy
  • Evendale Rd
    • Along north side between Braemar Pkwy and Preston Pkwy