Huntley's New Lightning Warning System and Weather Station

The Village of Huntley has recently implemented a lightning warning system at the McHenry County Visitor Center, situated at 11879 E. Main Street. This system aims to enhance the safety of residents participating in outdoor events at the James C. Dhamer Town Square by providing timely alerts of lightning strikes occurring within a 10-mile radius of the Town Square.

Upon detecting lightning within this radius, the system will emit a 15-second horn blast and activate strobe lights on the unit installed on the Visitor Center's roof. In response, all outdoor activities must cease immediately, and individuals should seek shelter in a secure building or vehicle. Resumption of outdoor activities is only permissible after receiving the "all clear" signal, denoted by three sets of 5-second horn blasts and the cessation of strobe lights.
Following a lightning alert, a 30-minute waiting period is mandatory before the system issues the "all clear." This waiting period resets each time a lightning strike occurs within the 10-mile radius.

In the upcoming weeks, the Village plans to integrate a Perry Weather widget onto the Special Events webpage of the Village website. This widget will showcase current weather conditions, hourly temperature forecasts, daily precipitation details, a map of lightning strikes, and a countdown timer post-lightning warning issued by the system.

The Perry Weather widget will provide residents and visitors with valuable real-time weather information to help them make informed decisions about participating in outdoor activities at the James C. Dhamer Town Square. The map of lightning strikes will display the exact locations of recent strikes within the 10-mile radius, allowing individuals to gauge the proximity of lightning activity to the event area. Additionally, the countdown timer post-lightning warning will offer a clear indication of when it is safe to resume outdoor activities, ensuring the safety and well-being of all participants. By incorporating these features, the Village of Huntley is taking proactive measures to prioritize the safety of its community members during outdoor events.

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