Village of Huntley's 2023 Property Tax Levy

The Village will hold a Public Hearing at the December 7th Village Board meeting on the 2023 property tax levy. The proposed levy of $5,390,427 will be the topic of discussion, signifying a 4.9% increase from the previous year. This increase would result in an estimated $11 addition to a $300,000 property's annual tax bill. The estimated rate will be .43 cents per $100 of assessed value.  

It's worth noting that state law does not mandate a Truth in Taxation disclosure when the projected rate increase falls below 5%. To align with the Village's commitment to transparency, a public hearing has been scheduled to give the community an opportunity to engage in the process. The Village has earned recognition as one of the most transparent municipalities in Illinois.

Please click the above link for a helpful infographic explaining the tax levy, how your tax bill may be affected, and the breakdown of your property tax bill.

Less than 6% of an individual's property tax bill is allocated to the Village, while property taxes account for 27% of the Village's general fund revenue. Property taxes play a critical role in financing government services, such as police protection, roadway maintenance, snow removal, special events, and upkeep of the Village's appearance. The Village remains committed to providing exceptional services while retaining lower tax rates than other comparable communities in the region.

Tax Levy

How can tax rates decrease while my annual property tax bill increases?
An increase in property value could outweigh the savings of a lower tax rate, leading to a higher tax bill. To obtain more information on how properties are assessed, please contact your local township’s assessor’s office:

  • Grafton Township: (847) 669-3383
  • Rutland Township: (847) 428-6560
  • Hampshire Township: (847) 683-0828

To share your thoughts on the property tax levy, residents may attend the Public Hearing on December 7th, send an e-mail to , or call the Village at 847-515-5200.