2023 Fire Hydrant Painting Program

The Village of Huntley 2023 Fire Hydrant Painting Program is underway. The repainting of the fire hydrants will begin with sandblasting the older red paint from approximately 340 fire hydrants throughout the Village. Any red paint remaining on the hydrant will be removed using a wire brush. Fire hydrants will be completely free of old paint and grime prior to the application of a white primer for the first coat and red paint for the second coat. The following roadways are targeted for the 2023 Hydrant Painting Program:

  • Automall Drive          
  • Kreutzer Road (Partial)
  • Cold Springs Drive    
  • Oak Creek Parkway
  • Countryview Blvd.     
  • Quality Drive
  • Del Webb Blvd.         
  • Regency Parkway (West of IL. 47)
  • Farm Hill Drive          
  • Stonewater Crossing
  • Freeman Road (Partial)        
  • Sun City Blvd.
  • George Bush Court   
  • Sun City NH's 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,26,32
  • Hemmer Road          
  • Wildrose Drive
  • Jim Dhamer Drive      

Questions or concerns can be directed to the Public Works and Engineering Department at 847-515-5222.

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