Huntley Pollinator Garden at Parisek Park and Pollinator Week

It is Pollinator Week - what a great time to visit the newly planted Huntley Pollinator Garden at Parisek Park! Together, the Village of Huntley, Huntley Park District and the Huntley Rotary designed, created and planted the garden and ecosystem east of the Huntley Area Public Library in a lovely, open sunny setting.

The garden will soon flower to attract the Monarch butterflies, birds, bees and other creatures that pollinate the farmland and gardens that grow our food. Huntley Pollinator Garden will support a variety of species and interactions from plants and animals to fungi. A primary goal is to provide pollen and nectar from native plants to keep pollinator populations thriving. Native plants provide a variety of beautiful blooms throughout the growing season and continues to benefit this area’s fauna through colder months by providing shelter. Visit Huntley Pollinator Garden at Parisek Park to see the new plants and return often to enjoy the wildlife, colorful flowers and peaceful atmosphere.

Celebrate Pollinator Week by planting for pollinators in your own yard! To learn more about Pollinator Week and to find activities, visit: