Cemetery Winter clean up prior to October 29

Please remove all gravesite decorations from your loved ones gravesite area prior to October 29, 2021  
-- Clean up and seasonal maintenance will take place beginning on Monday, November 1. 2021 in the Huntley Cemetery --

Decorations that remain in place after November 1st will be removed by the Village of Huntley

Winter decorations may be placed on or in line with headstones starting November 15th and must not cause an obstruction for maintenance.  Winter decorations must be removed by March 15th for spring clean up maintenance taking place the first week in April 2022.

Decorations on and around gravesites have become excessive and many are in violation of the Village of Huntley Code of Ordinances regarding Cemetery and Columbarium rules.     

Thank you for your assistance in clearing the Huntley Cemetery in preparation for the winter clean up. 

winter cemetery clean up