Huntley's  Outdoor Dining Program

In light of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the Village of Huntley Board has approved the continuance of the Temporary Dining Program. Originally approved with an expiration date of November 30, 2020, businesses may now choose to continue outdoor operations through April 30, 2021 (with approved weather appropriate revisions if needed).

Have you noticed all of the picnic tables in the downtown Huntley Square? Pick up your favorite food and beverage and grab a table– the weather is great!  

On May 28th, the Village Board approved a temporary Outdoor Dining Program which will enhance Huntley’s restaurant and bar carry-out service options. The Square will be open from 11am-9pm for your enjoyment. Groups of 6 people or less may utilize a table for up to 60 minutes. Consumption of alcohol is allowed by those 21 and older. No vaping or smoking allowed. Please note that open containers of alcohol may not be carried into or out of the Designated Public Space.

Please remember to properly dispose of your garbage when dining at the Square.  Let’s keep our Square clean!

Many of your favorite businesses have begun opening their outdoor dining areas, as well. As part of the temporary Outdoor Dining Program, businesses may choose to work with the Village to expand their outdoor seating areas. You can view current information on current options in out Huntley Dining Guide.  Keep an eye out for new outdoor spaces!

Please be respectful of the guidelines in place for Phase 4 which continue to include social distancing parameters, face covering requirements, etc.   Enjoy the nice weather and support local businesses!