Snow Removal Operations Continue

Our public works crews have been on the road since 2 pm on Sunday and will continue plowing and salting today. Due to the volume of snow, removal of snow piles (such as in culdesacs) will likely continue through tomorrow. While the snowfall is diminishing, strong winds have resulted in blowing and drifting in many areas. We ask for your continued assistance in these efforts by removing parked cars from the street and giving the trucks plenty of room to work.
This snow is very wet and heavy, so please be safe when shoveling. Take regular breaks and stay hydrated. We also ask our residents to look out for each other – help your neighbors and check in on each other.
For the safety of everyone in the Village, please refrain from shoveling snow into the roadway. Depositing snow from driveways and walks into the street is prohibited by Village ordinance and creates a traffic hazard by leaving windrows or piles of snow in travel lanes. When clearing driveway aprons, property owners are encouraged to deposit snow in the parkway to the right side of the driveway (as you face the street) and as far away from the curb-line as possible. This will limit the amount of snow that the Village plow deposits into driveways as the streets are cleared and prevents the creation of hazards on already plowed roads. The design of the snowplow is to direct snow to the right of the snow plow truck, as this is the direction toward the curb and away from traffic. As crews plow the streets, snow and ice from the road is inevitably pushed back into driveways and other property entrances. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable aspect of snow removal operations. Village crews work to minimize snow and ice deposits in excess of those normally encountered during snow plowing. However, crews cannot return to spot plow at individual driveways which have had snow plowed onto them during normal plowing operations. They are doing their best to ensure safe road conditions for our community and we appreciate your understanding of this issue.  Read more about the Public Works Snow and Ice Control Plan.
With school out of session, many children will be out enjoying fun in the snow. Please ensure they stay away from the street, particularly the snowbanks along the parkway and in culdesacs. This area is too close to drivers, especially snowplows, and it can be dangerous.
Many roads throughout Illinois remain hazardous. If you must travel today, please use caution. As a reminder, Route 47 is maintained by the State of Illinois. You can check road conditions through IDOT at
We thank you for your continued help and patience as we clean up the Village. Stay safe, everyone!