Cemetery Contact Information

Huntley Cemetery Information
State of Illinois Dept. of Financial & Professional Regulation License No. 252.000474
Cemetery Contact Number/FEIN 3515589

The Huntley Cemetery address is:
11500 Dean Street (east side)
11503 Dean Street (west side)

Huntley Cemetery Board Members:

John Drafall, Chairman
Cell:  847-366-0769 
E-Mail: john.drafall@thrivent.com

Joe Hansen, Member
Phone:  224-622-6118
Email:  joe29betty@sbcglobal.net

Chuck Yerke, Member
Phone:  847-514-2360
E-Mail:  cwyerke65@att.net        

Rita McMahon, Village Clerk
Phone:  847-515-5261
E-Mail:  rmcmahon@huntley.il.us     

Huntley Funeral Homes:

DeFiore Funeral Home
10763 Dundee Road
Huntley, IL 60142
Phone: 847-515-8772
E-Mail: carol@defiorefuneral.com

 O’Connor Funeral Home
11603 E. Main Street; PO Box 74
Huntley, IL 60142
Phone: 847-669-5111
E-Mail:  jaoconnorfh@att.net

Cemetery Maintenance Contractor
Professional Cemetery Services
Mark Christopherson, Owner
Phone:  847-343-4836
E-Mail: propertywerks@gmail.com 

Engraving Vendor for Columbarium
Zoia Monument Company, Inc.
222 Washington Street
Woodstock, IL 60098
Phone: 815-338-0358
Fax:  815-338-0375
Engraving Form for Columbarium

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