Parkway Tree Program

The Village of Huntley offers two Parkway Tree Programs to encourage the planting of trees throughout the public right-of-way;
1) The Residential Parkway Tree Replacement Program; and
2) The Residential Parkway Tree Reimbursement Program. 

A more robust tree canopy provides many valuable benefits such as; cleanses pollutants from the air, absorbs carbon dioxide, produces oxygen, controls soil erosion, helps reduce ambient noise, and enhances beautification and economic value of the community.  The tree programs offered are a simple, cost effective way for residents to participate in the enhancement of their local neighborhoods while maintaining a healthy community of trees throughout the Village.

Residential Parkway Tree Replacement Program
The Village of Huntley’s Parkway Tree Replacement Program offers a parkway tree for a one time cost of $100 per tree to a participating and qualifying resident.  The Village will managing the contract with a landscape contractor who will provide a specific size and species of tree, planting, mulching and warranty for one (1) year.
Application for Replacement

Residential Parkway Tree Reimbursement Program

The Village of Huntley’s Parkway Tree Reimbursement Program provides up to $325 in funding assistance for Huntley residents based on caliper size of the tree.  The resident is responsible for hiring their own preferred contractor to plant and warranty the tree.
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If you had a tree planted last year, remember to remove the staking on the tree.  Stakes should be in for no more than 1.5 years.  Keeping the stakes in longer is harmful for the health and growth of the tree.

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