Curbside Branch Pick-Up

Curbside Branch Pick-Up
Branch PickupThe Public Works staff performs Village-wide curbside tree branch pickup in the spring and fall of each year for Village of Huntley residents.

The dates for pickup (subject to change):
North of Kreutzer Road:
Spring: Week of May 2nd, 2022
Fall: Week of September 19th, 2022

South of Kreutzer Road (Sun City):
Spring: Week of May 9th, 2022
Fall: Week of September 26th, 2022  

Branches must be placed on the parkway prior to the Monday that collection begins in each area. Please stack branches along the curb line so that the trunks (larger end of branch) are all facing the same direction; either towards the roadway or with traffic. Branch collection crews will make only one pass in each neighborhood. Branches put out after Village crews have passed will not be collected. Crews will not go on private property to pick up the branches. Residents that miss the curbside pickup can make arrangements with their waste hauler. A one time only drop off is scheduled each season on Saturday, May 14, 2022 and October 1, 2022 from 8:00 a.m. to Noon at Public Works located on Donald Drive.

The following items will NOT be accepted:

♦ Tree limbs larger than 10” in diameter or smaller than 1/2” in diameter ♦ Tied bundles of branches ♦ Bagged material or material in cans ♦ Leaves and yard waste ♦ Trimmings from bushes ♦ Evergreen material ♦ Stumps of any kind.

Materials not accepted can be properly disposed of by contacting your waste hauler or utilizing a landscape service. Questions or concerns can be directed to the Public Works and Engineering Department at 847-515-5222.