On February 8, 2024, the Village Board approved:
  • A Resolution Approving a Purchase and Sale Agreement to sell the former village hall building at 11704 Coral Street to private developer True North Properties, Inc./The Walton Associates Family Limited Partnership (TNP).
  • An Ordinance Authorizing Approval and Execution of a Redevelopment Agreement between the Village of Huntley and TNP for the Redevelopment of the Former Village Hall at 11704 Coral Street for the conversion and expansion of the existing office building into a restaurant use.
  • An Ordinance approving (i) Special Use Permit for a Restaurant; and (ii) Preliminary and Final Planned Unit Development, including any necessary relief, for redevelopment of the former village hall building, 11704 Coral Street.
Project Summary 

True North Properties will construct a building addition and complete interior conversion of the existing office building transforming the former village hall into a new restaurant space. The proposed tenant of the restaurant is Café Roma - this will be Café Roma’s second restaurant location (existing restaurant located in Elgin). TNP proposes to maintain the existing two-story historic front portion of the building and demolish the single-story portion to the rear. The new addition will be constructed to the north of the remaining building and will support additional restaurant seating and kitchen space. The proposed building and addition will total approximately 5,115 square feet of space with a basement area of 1,890 square feet. The addition proposes to extend west into the walkway located between the new portion of the building and the BBQ King building, reducing the width of the walkway to approximately five feet. The east side of the addition will extend farther east, with the proposed elevated walkway extending beyond the Village’s existing right-of-way. The addition will also include a public restroom, located in the rear and accessible from the exterior of the building, for use during downtown events. The proposed addition allows for up to 217 restaurant seats and has been designed to allow for event/group dining space for the restaurant within the new addition. A fenced outdoor paver patio space is planned along the Church Street frontage and would wrap around to the front elevation of the building on Coral Street. Parking will be accommodated in the 565 public parking spaces throughout the downtown area.

Full details of the plans and agreements are available here.

Highlights include:
  • The existing two-story front portion of the historic building will be maintained, the single story rear portion of the building (which was an addition to the original building), will be demolished to allow for better space configuration for the restaurant. 
  • The preliminary estimated private investment by True North Properties, Inc. towards the project is approximately $2.5 million. TNP was also the developer of the former Catty property (now The Cornell) located at 11117 S. Church Street.
  • The Developer will purchase the property for $10.00. 
  • Developer will commence construction within 30 days after closing, with substantial completion by September 30, 2025.             
  • Per the Redevelopment Agreement terms, the Developer will receive 100% of the incremental property tax revenue for the first five years to reimburse TIF-eligible developer expenses (estimated at $30,000 per year). Developer will receive TIF fund reimbursement up to $150,000 for TIF-eligible expenses related to build-out of the restaurant space ($75,000 at the time of building permit issuance and $75,000 at time of restaurant opening if by September 30, 2025). Developer will receive $50,000 per year reimbursement of TIF-eligible expenses for the first five years after completion (the property is currently tax exempt and generates no property tax revenue).
  • The restaurant tenant will generate sales tax revenue and video gaming revenue.