Curbside Tree Branch Pickup


The semi-annual curbside tree branch pickup for Village of Huntley residents is scheduled to be completed by the Public Works and Engineering Department as follows:

The dates for pickup (subject to change):
North of Kreutzer Road:
Wing Pointe:  Will return September 26th, 2022

South of Kreutzer Road  - Sun City:
Spring: Week of May 9th, 2022
Fall: Start September 27th, 2022  
Branches must be placed on the parkway the Sunday before collection begins in each area.
- Please stack branches along the curb line so that the trunks (larger end of branch) are all facing the same direction, either towards the roadway or with traffic.
- Branch collection crews will make only one pass in each neighborhood.
- Branches put out after crews have passed will not be collected.
- Crews will not go on private property to pick up the branches.

Residents that miss the curbside pickup can make arrangements with their waste hauler or landscaping service. In addition, a one-time only drop off is scheduled for Saturday, October 2, at the Public Works facility (located on Donald Drive) from 8am-12pm.

Questions? Contact the Public Works and Engineering Department at 847-515-5222