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The goal of the Huntley Historic Preservation Commission is to retain the unique character of Huntley and to preserve its historical elements, protecting and enhancing the community amidst its growth and development. The seven Commissioners appointed by the Village President and approved by the Village Board undertake many tasks including exploring the advantages of establishing a Historical District, landmark designation procedures and researching sites to form a data base of structures, objects and areas with architectural, historical, archaeological, or cultural significance. Site research is an opportunity for volunteers to participate. Anyone that would be interested in doing so or anyone that could contribute information about particular Huntley sites, please contact the Development Services Department at 847-515-5200. Please reference the documents and links below to assist in your landmarking and preservation application.

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Historic Preservation Commission Brochure

To learn more about the benefits of landmarking your home, please reference the applications and brochures below. As always, contact the Development Services Department (847-515-5200) if you have questions or need assistance.

Huntley Historic Districts and Landmarking Brochure

Huntley Landmark Application

Huntley Historic District Designation Application

Huntley Historic District Brochure

T.S. Huntley History Brochure

Thomas Stillwell Huntley
Thomas Stillwell Huntley is credited with founding the town of Huntley in 1851. He was a loyal and generous member of the Congregational Church and donated the land for the train station, town square, town cemetery and three churches. He was a farmer, world traveler, and owner of the town’s first store. Thomas Huntley died May 21, 1894 at the age of 87.  His obituary concluded saying “Thomas Huntley’s name shall be spoken hundreds of times daily for many generations to come”. The Village of Huntley is one of only two towns in McHenry County named for its founder. In March 2007 the Village of Huntley was honored to have Mr. John Huntley, the great grandson of T. S. Huntley, and his family present at a Village Board Meeting at which time Mayor Sass proclaimed Mr. John Huntley as Honorary Mayor for that meeting. Mr. Huntley’s first duty was to proclaim March 2007 as Thomas Stillwell Huntley month in honor of Thomas Stillwell Huntley’s 200th birthday. It is very fitting that Huntley’s slogan is “The Friendly Village with Country Charm”. It is truly Huntley’s legacy.

Historic Preservation Links

McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission Link

McHenry County Historical Society and Museum

Huntley Historical Society Link

Huntley Area Public Library – Local History Department

Grab the family and join the fun while you attempt to successfully complete this unique scavenger hunt!
2016 Huntley Scavenger Hunt

Huntley Historic District Map

Architectural Scavenger Hunt An answer key version is available. Please contact Development Services at 847-515-5200.

Second Street Self Guided Tour Map

Second Street Historical Data

Downtown Self-Guided Tour Map

2017 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2016 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2015 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2014 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2012 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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August 21, 2012 Packet Included
August 21, 2012
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April 17, 2012

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2011 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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2010 Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Meeting Agenda and Minutes Archive


Donna Britton, Chairperson
Diana Carpenter
Karen Langhenry
Lonnie Oldham
Geraldine Rizzo
Deb Waters

Village Board Room
10987 Main Street
6:00 PM on the second Tuesday following the first Planning Commission meeting of every month.

Established by Village Ordinance in 2004, the Historic Preservation Commission advises and makes recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees regarding the designation of historical districts and historical landmarks. Additionally, the Commission provides guidelines for the preservation of properties receiving historic designation.

Choose from the list below to learn more, view agendas and meeting minutes.

Village Board
Committee of the Whole
Plan Commission
Zoning Board of Appeals
Huntley Historic Preservation Commission
Liquor Commission

Police Commission
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Cemetery Board

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