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Electricity Aggregation Program Ending

Since the beginning of the Village's Electric Aggregation program through the Northern Illinois Electric Aggregation Consortium (NIGEAC) in 2012, the average Huntley homeowner has saved a cumulative amount of approximately $500 over the four and one-half years of the program. Village wide, a savings of over $3.5 million has been realized for program participants.

Bids for a new contract have been received by NIGEAC and are HIGHER than the current ComEd rate; therefore, the group has decided to discontinue the program.  Once the contract has ended with Constellation Energy in July, NIGEAC (Huntley) customers will automatically revert back to ComEd effective with the July METER READ date (August billing).

For those who would like to research electric supply companies on their own, go to: and check their Price To Compare.  If you decide to go with another supplier, it is recommended that you go with a supplier that will have a fixed rate for the term of the contract and that you would be able to get out of the contract at any time with no additional/exit fees. 




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